Executive Recruiters in the Built Environment

Human Capital Pursuit’s goal is to work with client companies and help them fill their open positions with the best candidate.

Exceptional and Transparent Recruiting Services

Human Capital Pursuit was founded in 2013 to provide exceptional and transparent recruiting services to clients in multiple industries. The founders, Steve Holmes and Mike Cash have worked together in the recruiting industry for nearly a decade. With their combined efforts, they have been able to successfully grow and develop recruiting teams, while also expanding their client base.

Mike is an Principal Recruiter that works with high profile clients in various industries.

  • Architecture and Engineering or A+E.
  • Federal.
  • Transportation.
  • Maritime.
  • Environmental sectors.

Mike Cash’s background in executive recruitment includes managing a full desk, a department of highly talented recruiters, and managing a company.

Steve Holmes is a Principal Recruiter to some of the top companies in various industries.

  • Oil & Gas.
  • Architecture.
  • Engineering fields.

He continues to serve his valued clients in the A&E industries, at Human Capital Pursuit. Steve works with our recruiting team to identify top talent for the oil & gas industry.


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